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Mentoring programs help professionals grow, develop and learn new skills under the direction and advice of a seasoned expert. Organizations implement mentoring programs to align the goals of the company with the professional development of its employees. Coaching and mentoring provides benefits for the “mentee,” the mentor and the organization.
–          Companies can assign a mentor or coach to new employees during the adjustment period to help them get up to speed on company procedures and policies. Mentoring also provides the worker with a leader he can turn to with questions.
–          Coaching and mentoring programs provide the mentee with real-world knowledge that bridges the gap between educational theory and actual business practices.
–          Those serving as coaches and mentors within an organization gain personal and professional satisfaction by sharing their expertise with other employees.
–          Companies can align the goals of the business with a mentoring program to gain a competitive edge. Developing employees in weak areas of the company can also benefit the business’s organizational goals.
We invite you to think about what you could accomplish with some great coaching. If you want to be successful, you’ve got to get yourself ready to do great things. Coaching can help.

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