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If your small business operates in an environment of chaos, you have to get a handle on it. You may look at the situation and feel like throwing up your hands, but you actually can impose order. When change is a steady constant, and life seems chaotic or ambiguous, you have to deliberately guide where you direct your attention. These steps can help you out. Promote your business on www.bridgeafrica.com
The keys to managing chaos before it spins wildly out of control start with recognizing the early signs.  In modern work environments this can be a challenge, but it can be remedied with good old-fashioned communication.

Ask for feedback. This makes communicating with each member of your team that much more important. Check in with your staff more frequently, even your employees who may not feel like they need the feedback.

Another key is making sure you involve your Human Resources department. Employees come to the HR team and share things with them, and while much of what they tell them is (and should be) confidential, your HR professionals may be the first to recognize trouble.

Finally, do not hesitate to reward your employees for hanging in there during times of chaos. A points-based rewards program is an easy way to say “thank you” for being an “A” player and for being a member of a team that the manager does not need to worry about.

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