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The planet needs nutritious food, and that requires thoughtful, intelligent people to grow it. Agriculture remains an important business and produces important products for export as well. Though you may not be exporting to the world’s largest economy any time soon, here are 10 small agricultural businesses you might consider. Have you established in one of these businesses? Create your website on www.bridgeafrica.com for your online promotion

·         Herb Growing: Herbs like basil, parsley and mint can make for great agriculture products. So you can grow it at your home or farm and sell it.
·         Livestock Feed Manufacturing: Even if you don’t have enough space to actually farm livestock, you can still contribute to the industry by manufacturing feed for livestock.
·         Fish Farming: Fish farming is also a growing sector of the agriculture – or in this case, aquaculture – industry. The process requires raising fish in large tanks or enclosures.
·         Rabbit Raising: You can also raise rabbits for a variety of different purposes within small pens or similar enclosures.
·         Snail Farming: If you’re looking for a very small type of animal to raise, you might consider snails. It might sound strange, but you can raise snails for use in escargot. And snail slime can also be used by companies for a variety of different purposes.
·         Mushroom Farming: You could also start a farm where you focus specifically on growing various types of mushrooms.
·         Honey Production: For example, you can harvest honey from beehives and sell it to consumers or processors.
·         Weed Killer Production: Or you could start a B2B business that produces weed killer specifically for farmers or other agricultural businesses.
·         Florist Business: You could even start a florist business where you grow your own flowers to use in different products and arrangements.
·         Oil Production: There are also various types of plants that you can use to produce oil for cooking or other purposes. So you can process that oil process to sell.

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