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Creating the Next Generation of Leaders at Your Company

Creating the next generation of leaders is no laughing matter. It takes deliberate effort, and done right, it makes your job as a leader a whole easier in the long run. You become a talent magnet and cultivate leaders of high character to lead your organization into the future. Of course, you need to be mindful of preparing them for their role and getting them to share the same goals as you and the rest of the team. When they’re ready, you can have confidence in letting your best and brightest do their thing. Here are six tips that you can use to enable your team to make decisions that stick:

1.       Spot and grow talent across the organization.

2.       Prepare them to make the call.

3.       Resist the urge to prescribe how the work is done.

4.       Design the decision rights.

5.       Use the veto sparingly.

6.       Hold your people accountable to get things done.

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