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We are a technology firm, on a mission to digitalise businesses and consumers in Africa. Through our bridgeafrica.com platform, we help SMEs create websites, gain database visibility, sell online and network. We equally manage an online artisanal platform, cameroongallery.com, which helps craft artists sell their goods globally. Through our consulting services, we provide expert support to public and private entities.

With 87.5% of businesses lacking websites and 99% having never sold online, the digital divide is limiting the economic growth and productivity of businesses in Cameroon and Africa. That is why we are on a mission to see every SME in Africa have a digital identity so they can expand their market space and sell more online.

Our vision is to help SMEs and other economic actors in Africa overcome the traditional barriers they face to integrate into the digital economy, such as a lack of websites, no internet access, and digital illiteracy.

To conquer the digital divide in Africa, we provide tailored solutions that include innovative applications and multimedia content that facilitates the integration of economic actors into the digital economy. Most notably is bridgeafrica.com, a cross-engineered problems-meet-solution platform helping SMEs and consumers join the digital economy.
To help SMEs in the handicraft sector, we have cameroongallery.com, an e-commerce platform that directly connects the world to original crafts from Cameroon.

media production

Content is king. This is why we create innovative media content to connect businesses. 

Bridge Africa.com
Cameroon Gallery

Connecting the world to authentic, meticulously made cultural  arts and crafts from Cameroon. 


We provide media and management consulting services to both public and private entities.



A 3-in-1 platform that integrates SMEs into the Digital Economy through website creation, database integration, and networking. Currently in its 3rd iteration, we are rebuilding to turn bridgeafrica.com into a 4-in-1 tool by adding an online market place and improve the user interface.

our solution to the digital divide in Africa

Businesses in Africa still suffer from the digital divide, which limits their integration into the digital economy. To break these barriers, our bridgeafrica.com platform enables the 87.5% of businesses that lack websites to easily get one online and offline via SMS; while our localised business directory makes them visible. Our online marketplace will also enable the 99% of businesses that had never sold online to engage in e-commerce.

our wins

Bridgeafrica.com was voted App of the Year by the International Telecommunication Union for its contribution towards the realisation of SDGs 1 and 8.

We have worked with the United Nation’s IFAD to digitalise 750 agricultural SMEs across 4 regions in Cameroon.

We currently have over 7,000 users and are working to expand to Africa.

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How to use BridgeAfrica.com by SMS
How to use BridgeAfrica.com by SMS
BridgeAfrica.com Empowers Entrepreneurs
BridgeAfrica.com Empowers Entrepreneurs
BridgeAfrica.com Empowers Entrepreneurs Without Internet Access
BridgeAfrica.com Empowers Entrepreneurs Without Internet Access
BridgeAfrica.com Partners with Pea Jeunes
BridgeAfrica.com Partners with Pea Jeunes
Beta Launch of BridgeAfrica.com
Beta Launch of BridgeAfrica.com
BridgeAfrica.com wins WSIS Prize
BridgeAfrica.com wins WSIS Prize
Cameroon Gallery Commercial
Cameroon Gallery Commercial
Biz Konnect featuring Wandja Edimo of Eddy Ananas Production
Biz Konnect featuring Wandja Edimo of Eddy Ananas Production
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.We hope you enjoy our products and services as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us. via the links below.


Our weekly Biz Konnect TV show, running for more than 1 year now and aired on Cameroon’s national television channel (CRTV), promotes SMEs that are on bridgeafrica.com, and is an ideal vitrine to give nation-wide visibility to entrepreneurs.


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